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Sherlock Holmes




54mm metal figure, on wooden base, created and painted by Thierry Saint-Joanis (BSI).

Deluxe = Matt Painting on Wooden Base

Single Figurine = Cardboard box

Sidney Paget's drawings

Sherlock Holmes is represented just as he was on the Sidney Paget's drawing, printed in The Strand Magazine (December 1892), illustrating the Adventure of Silver Blaze.

Holmes is wearing the costum which is going to become famous although it was not describe in the Conan Doyle's writings.

The drawer created his own Holmes's silhouette and only the Holmesians know now that it is uncanonical, i.e. "non inside the Canon", the original Holmesian writings from the hand of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle (60 stories).

The Study
in pattern
Jeremy Brett
on screen

Note that the artist choose a coat with a hood and not one with a cape like Inverness or macfarlane coat (which is now the Sherlock Holmes's coat for the public...).

To keep close to Paget's drawing, we retained the "hood solution".

For the Granada TV adaptation, the actor Jeremy Brett is wearing the Paget's coat with a hood. 

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