HäT 8015 Napoleonic

Austrian Cuirassiers

Figurines HaT 8015 Cuirassiers autrichiens - 1/72 - Napoleonic Austrian Cuirassiers


1/72e - 12 figurines + 12 chevaux.


Dès 1996, notre société (Mycroft's brother) a pris contact avec le créateur aux Etats-Unis et a ainsi été la première société à importer la production Hät en France avec un contrat d'exclusivité pour plusieurs années.

Nous avons encore quelques boîtes de cette référence.


  • Date Released 1998

  • Contents 12 mounted figures and 12 horses

  • Poses 4 poses, 2 horse poses

  • Material Plastic (Medium)

  • Colours Grey

  • Average Height 24 mm (= 1.73 m)


Review from Plastic Soldier Review


When HäT began production there was still a relative shortage of Napoleonic figures. Several companies produced them, but they all tended to produce the same sets, French and British infantry, French cuirassiers etc. From their very first set, HäT declared that they would be filling many of the gaps, not least being the almost non-existence of any Austrian figures at the time this set was produced. Over the years they have certainly achieved that aim. 


This was the first full set of Austrians ever produced, and it follows the standard HäT formula for cavalry of four mounted poses and two horse poses. The figures are correct in every detail, with the front-only cuirass that was to cause the Austrians many casualties over the years. Every man carries a carbine/rifle, but all are using their sabres. Only having four poses means there are no officers, trumpeters or other special roles, which is a pity, but the troopers that we do get are well done, with all of them facing forward in advancing or charging poses. Both the horse poses are in galloping poses, and have the full complement of horse furniture. 


There is not too much flash on the figures, and the riders sit well on the horses. All in all a useful set, and a good start for any Austrian model army.