HäT 8030 Napoleonic

Bavarian Cavalry

Figurines HaT 8030 Cavalerie bavaroise - 1/72 - Napoleonic Bavarian Cavalry


1/72e - 12 figurines + 12 chevaux.


Dès 1996, notre société (Mycroft's brother) a pris contact avec le créateur aux Etats-Unis et a ainsi été la première société à importer la production Hät en France avec un contrat d'exclusivité pour plusieurs années.

Nous avons encore quelques boîtes de cette référence.


  • Date Released 2000

  • Contents 12 mounted figures and 12 horses

  • Poses 4 poses, 2 horse poses

  • Material Plastic (Medium)

  • Colours Grey

  • Average Height 24 mm (= 1.73 m)


Review from Plastic Soldier Review


In 1805 Bavaria had four regiments of Cheveau-Légers and two of Dragoons, but in 1811 the two Dragoon regiments converted to Cheveau-Légers. The differences in uniform between these two types were mostly ones of colour and minor detail, so the figures in this set could represent either. 


The four poses are all OK if a trifle stiff, and all face forward in marching or charging attitudes. Two of the poses are provided with ring hands, and separate sabres are included for these. In addition, each sprue contains a cavalry guidon, which is correctly sized and detailed, but is perfectly flat and therefore does not look natural. The guidon can be carried by either figure with a ring hand, though neither would be a realistic pose, but modellers could alter the angle of the arm if desired, and at least it is better than nothing. 


The uniforms are correctly, and very nicely sculpted for the 1799 to 1815 period, including the subtle differences of the cavalry Raupenhelm compared to that of the infantry. However, all types of Bavarian cavalry wore sashes, which are missing from these figures. Other than that, detail is good and well defined. 


The two horses are both moving forward, are fairly well sculpted, and have correct harness and saddle furniture. The men are a very comfortable fit on the saddles - something many manufacturers find hard to achieve. 


With an average amount of flash this is a good solid set of Bavarian cavalry that can represent several units for the whole of the Napoleonic Wars.