HäT 8032 Napoleonic

Dutch Belgian Light Dragoons

Figurines HaT 8032 Dragons légers hollando-belges - 1/72 - Napoleonic Dutch Belgian Light Dragoons


1/72e - 12 figurines + 12 chevaux.


Dès 1996, notre société (Mycroft's brother) a pris contact avec le créateur aux Etats-Unis et a ainsi été la première société à importer la production Hät en France avec un contrat d'exclusivité pour plusieurs années.

Nous avons encore quelques boîtes de cette référence.


  • Date Released 2000

  • Contents 12 mounted figures and 12 horses

  • Poses 4 poses, 2 horse poses

  • Material Plastic (Medium)

  • Colours Grey

  • Average Height 23 mm (= 1.66 m)


Review from Plastic Soldier Review


Dutch-Belgian troops were a significant proportion of the Allied army that faced Napoleon in the Hundred Days campaign. Nevertheless depictions of this force in 1/72 plastic have been very few, and at the time of writing this remains the only set of cavalry. 


The usual four poses in this HaT set are divided between the 4th and 5th light dragoons, though clearly with very few poses for each. The poses are all standard stuff and are useful but unremarkable. 


Though debate remains as to the precise uniform worn by these regiments at Waterloo, the figures are correctly uniformed as far as is known. The first two figures are from the 4th (Dutch) Dragoons, and wear braiding on their jackets in a hussar fashion, while the 5th (Belgian) have a more standard light dragoon uniform. 


All the men carry light cavalry sabres, but the weapon seems rather too long. Indeed the sabre is significantly longer on the two figures that have it raised high in the air, and it is much too long to fit in their scabbards. Again, some trimming is required to correct this, though this is easily achieved. 


The horses have the correct furniture and saddles, and are in two realistic poses. 


Both horses and men are very well carved with plenty of clear detail and correct proportions. As with all HaT horsemen these fit securely onto their mounts and make a very nice model. The officers of some of these regiments wore a taller 'stove-pipe' shako rather than the French-style one of their men, and HaT have thoughtfully included an extra three heads with this type of headgear to allow conversion of some men to officers. This goes some way towards reducing the problems caused by so few poses. Furthermore, the set also includes a separate rolled blanket for each man, which was often seen rolled over the shoulder both for somewhere to store it and to give some slight protection from sword cuts. These extra pieces are a very welcome addition, and though they cannot look as realistic and close-fitting as would ones sculpted on to the figures, it is a worthwhile exercise that is to be applauded. 


This is a reasonable looking set, and anyone wishing to recreate the Duke's full army on the battlefield of Waterloo will certainly require some of these figures.