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TV - Un Sherlock "à la russe" contre Jack l'éventreur

Une nouvelle série télé holmésienne en huit épisodes nous arrive bientôt de Russie, avec une nouvelle confrontation entre Sherlock Holmes et Jack l'éventreur. A suivre...

This action period drama throws a Russian spin on one of the world’s most famous characters, the series follows the esteemed detective from London to stunning St Petersburg, on the trail of a suspected serial murderer. Sherlock Holmes (Maxim Matveyev) is on the hunt for Jack the Ripper. The infamous killer left a bloody trail in London and fled to the Russian Empire, with Sherlock on his tail. With new characters, Dr Kartsev and Sophia supporting Sherlock, and a new nemesis in Znamensky, this is an exciting, glossy action series.

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